Abundance Essential Oil Mist




This spray is the perfect key to help raise your abundance vibration – who wouldn’t want that?

This blend is formulated to include oils that are the perfect combination to attract abundance with each spray such as creative thinking, positive energy, energy boost, clear mind and luck. Enjoy the beautiful scent of sweet orange, ginger, and fresh lemon.


Use this spray in your home, office, mediation space, car and even on yourself – once, twice or more daily!


Each bottle contains around 3 oz of essential oil blend

Each bottle contains specific essential oil listed in each blend description and distilled water

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Not for internal use. If pregnant, nursing or suffer from any mediation condition consult with health care provider. Do not put near flames

This mist was created by The Whimsical Wolfe Compay, along with the assistance of Thomas John.


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